Benefit of doubt


Have you ever given yourself a benefit of doubt? I have. When I am quite doubtful of my very own realistic situations that just passed by. When I doubt the happiness or the sadness in outcome of those events were actually superficial and the long-lasting results of such events would be otherwise. When I feel elated but deep down I feel somethings not right.. when I feel downright miserable but deep down I know, this too shall pass, the rightful will happen.

The consequences of not evaluating and running fast along with your life could do nothing but actually age you, I believe. No, not the numbers but the unmindful mind that will age you. The young could be dull, the old could be thriving because they or did not did not question themselves.

But why does one not do it? Is it lack of awareness? Or is it fear?tea on table While jumping off the plane is a great defeat to that realm of fear, one that am not arguing against, questioning one’s own lack of lawlessness is a great start too. Or so I think. Tell me others if you know of and I’d  be happy to absorb them in.

(to be continued…)

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  1. Marshall says:

    I do believe that! Those are the answers i was looking for ! 😊😊❤


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