Last vacay in kochi was…

one of the best till date!

this time yes I did meet with my dear  family and friends as usual, explored new outlets, felt the hidden pride of seeing my hometown bettering itself, (even though I missed the rain this time) BUT these were not the reasons why it was the best home time among frequent visits after being away from home.

It was the best because of some serious eye-openers into what really was worth running behind.

Some serious re-bonding time with my most precious in the world- my pa and ma; as well as with few old friends.

Good deep chats gave me  a sense of understanding and relief that was quite lacking from a long time while I was busy running behind the fast life, so engulfed in trying to figure out what and how and who’. So during this time, I figured that I didn’t need to figure it all out, not at least without removing all the hate from within first. So many people, so many confusions, so many mistakes, so many ”so many’s” created so much clutter and hate that I was so clouded with the wrong thinking. Thoughts such as prioritizing and not prioritizing certain things; relaxing a bit and being stress-free, scare-free and all of that.

Being at home and openly talking to your own, your very own is the best remedy. Some connotative – they are your own, they want the best for you, no doubting that, they are there for you, no matter what.

Somehow the adult in me, from whom lot of people had too many and too high expectations was faltering, struggling from silly hurts. This vacation at home turned that adult into a child who understood so much of the very few and most important things in the world. I may or may not need this dose of elixir again and again in future when I forget. I am just praying I never forget. (*would love to elaborate on these elixir on the next post soon).

So many life lessons and blessings were the outcomes. I am grateful forever. My only worry is if I can stop missing those moments.

I am not saying I have stopped worrying. Only that I worry for the right reasons now!!



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