Yesterday’s Eternity

Moon line on the sea, waving sailing poles

the subtle sound of bells and their souls

As I sat lazily on the couch with lamps above swaying

to the breeze while my thoughts were playing.


lights hanging

why does one have the urge to take one’s soul and run?

from this soulless world’s aging pun?

why is there a need for lessons from sweet deception

that goes round and round without perception?


Why does one not fall in love with the idea of loving?

No aims, no receipts, no bargains, just loving.

Anything, everyone, every moment.

as if that was the only option without comment.


Like a vegetable lying on recreational beds

thoughts hovering over how else you would have chosen reds

over yellow roses, roses of love and serenity

and lived a life better than yesterday’s eternity!








4 Comments Add yours

  1. sijusblog says:

    Cool…in some way i feel pain too…thanks for posting…


    1. bianberry says:

      thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  2. bianberry says:

    I do not intend to have personal conversations on a public forum like this. I think everyone should have the common sense to refrain from such actions.


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