Wisdom & How easy it is not!

rustic alarmThere are a lot of perspectives.

Which has changed over a period of time.

Why have things changed? Because without changing, things or people become redundant.- As said by gurus. So they say change is for better. But have we noticed lately that because of this massive change in perspectives, the world is getting stripped to being almost valueless?

Now there would be two kinds of people who pounce on the a’nounce of this statement. The one who are waiting to defend themselves and pounce at every assumable opportune and start a continuous rant of what’s wrong with that; with one’s own perspective and what’s wrong being happy when one can be, without any responsibilities to the surrounding but only to self!; what’s wrong with being carefree; what’s wrong with doing what makes one happy….so on and so forth.

The other half who do understand that the above statement could also mean about the once beautiful earth being stripped of it’s right. Yes, it’s right to stay beautiful and healthy. Rightly so, considering it has given us the resources we could never dream of achieving scientifically without it being available in the first place; as a Master Plan. This half do also understand the stripping is happening also because of the first half’s ‘doing what keeps you happy’ thought process.

Because like it or not- Everyone wants to do what’s easiest and best for them regardless of how that will affect the surrounding- be it environment or fellow beings. This is their sort of empowerment. Their sort of rights.

Acknowledging this mantra, we should have perished around the time millennium started.

So what am I getting to or finishing off with? That I do mean mediocracy is not outdated; that sometimes simple things are profound things. That some things are not meant for change. Some values add value to people and things no stress on how much the clock of age passes by and keep them from being the so materialistic world it is today. Because there would definitely be a consensus that emotional well-being is superior to the material achievements. Because even if the first statement above could be taken literally, I still dare to ask you, the second half out there (I do stress no one is perfectly only in one of the halves. But someone who at least relates to either is what he/ she relates to.) on the inside out meaning of the that literal statement on why you choose to opt for a life of hypocrisy which by you is projected as a life of different perspectives,  on why you choose  a life that is free to choose anything that suits one’s self, a life that has a natural inclination towards evil, a life that naturally  chooses bad over good but you raise stupid questions like “so what is good what is bad and who decides that”.. Might as well consider oneself uneducated when that kind of unawareness creeps up even in your mind.

It is easy to wind up in barns of feel good” patterns. It is very easy. It is no longer about the adventurous souls that need to be super brave to pull stunts with life. But when some of those stunts are all about of rubbing away values that once pulled the whole world together, when those stunts are nothing but discreet acts of selfishness, it takes far more courage, love and character and of course lot of wisdom, to stay mediocre and humbly accept that the world was not one man’s show nor is it one’s man home to throw your bullshit of leftovers to the neighbor’s yard.

Respect the hard way out to living a simplified or humongous life, either way, stop disregarding everyone else. Stop proclaiming you are so cool that’s why what you do is only one of those perspectives to life. Stop misleading in the name of perspectives.

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