Thoughts at the Tip of Atlantis

Atlantis has nothing to do with what I write below. It just so happens I thought of this while I was still enjoying the majestic view of the sprawling hotel.

That evening sitting beside the beach at the subtle corner of Zabeel Saray I put things into perspective yet again.. I am a fool. A  Damaged Fool. And It is actually a sin to be this big a fool.

As the night crept in, the cool breeze swept at my hair. I looked at the moon line shimmering away on the waters and my gaze lifted up to the Atlantis. And it’s tip. The same moment my heart was sinking further.

Fool because – if you end up scraping aside the good you’ coz all around you is dirt, fools are born. Please note- It’s not you, it is the dirty environment that has to be changed.

Damaged because – when things get out of hand whatever I mention below takes a longer time. I never say it won’t happen, just a tad bit longer with help of whole lot of mind power; most importantly love and Grace.

Being a very normal being, I had my turn of accepting things the wrong way and producing undesirable outcomes. Because I was treated badly, I treated life bad. How fair does that sound? Or stupid? Quite I would say!

Let me tell you if you have had your share of bad days (dayssss) its ok. It will pass. It will pass Only but if you Will!                                                                                                                          The first best idea (Step1) would be to sit and take a break to understand what’s happening and what went wrong. Always thriving in actions be it with or without people could be coz you don’t want to understand things as they are and that you had got hurt.                         Honestly, even when people seem pretty cool, they are a lot OR less hurt.                           Trust me its ok to be. What after that?; is what matters!busy road blur

Thinking this beautiful life that is, is unfair is us being unfair to it. Think of those things and moments you had yearned for- is with you at the moment. So what’s stopping you from trusting that all will be fine?

—I’ll tell you. Your company. People who don’t support your concerns or desires or skills or failures. People who with smiling faces and pass times secretly wish you were never there where you had reached in the first place.

But an important question is – Are YOU the same? If yes, stop right here, go back to step1.

So to continue, be aware of who you are with, what you are dealing with, and how all that is making you grow or learn from unfavorable outcomes. If it is doing neither, (Step2) quit thinking they are blessings.

Then (Step3) take decisions to move away. Coz the more you feel its ok, they’ll change or its all fun, the more you sink. If not completely, learn what’s a healthy distance (Step4). Allow yourself fun but not to point where you forget your priorities, or YOU.

Acceptance of true and genuine people (Step5), whoever they are, your parents, siblings, few friends, colleagues, teachers are important. So is their support to you. Do not forsake them to support your wrong choice of the crowd.

More importantly- be that genuine someone (Step6).

Decide(Step7) no matter however things turn out, you will be who you are. You don’t have to change or pretend to be someone else to pass time by. You have overcome before and you will move forward.

Give it time(Step8) and right resources. And sooner or later it will happen. You will be at peace. You will have achieved what’s best for you.

Step9– Not to forget, nothing of this gives us right to demean or look down or keep hatred within. This, in fact, is only to remove all traces of negatives and push forward. {Please see my previous ‘valued randoms’}                                                                                                                  It is only a matter of ‘give and take’ respect or nonsense. The lesser of nonsense, the better and more of respect, the better.

This should be enough to stop us from treading on & on till the tip of Atlantis which would make it difficult to get all the way back to convincing yourself that you are a not a fool. yet. 


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