One morning I wake up and decide its French Toast. And thats when I notice the leftover cakes and an urge to make something slightly different creeps in. So there, French Toast Pancake was created – Soft, warm and cakey with Hershey’s choc syrup.


6 persons | 5mins | 10mins


6 pieces of bread (white/brown)

Vanilla Cake (or any pound cake leftover)

2 eggs (optional 3)

½ cup milk

Sugar/ honey

Vanilla essence




  1. Beat eggs and milk in a bowl.
  2. Add enough sugar, a cap of vanilla essence and ½ teaspoon of nutmeg powder.
  3. Grind the bread in mixer till they are crumbs.
  4. Powder the cake with hands into the bowl. (I did same with bread – with hand, to get a cakey effect.)
  5. Now Mix all of the ingredients well enough to get a flowy paste.
  6. Heat pan, add butter to cover base of pan.
  7. Pour 1 or 2 rounds of batter (depending on what size you need).
  8. Fry on low flame 3-4 mins on each side.

Voila, you have your French toast pancake way. If you choose to use little or no sugar, pour honey over the toast pancake while its still hot 🙂  Enjoy!

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