Why things don’t happen

kitty_yellowEvery morning the late wakers or not so pumped up individuals think mostly the same thing, “so what’s it today” “Can i do it today” “is today going to better” “Sheesh, the same stuff” “my life is not going where I had planned it to go” “am not there yet” “Can i change it whole” “how can i make it different” “What do I exactly want” “I need to sit down and decide what I want”……….. and the many low or high versions of the above.

We (the people in this context) do this again and again. We have even sat and pondered and decided what we want and decided how we can get it. Some have even gone to the extent of drawing out a flow chart to make sure of a way to achieve our want – of the ‘other’ or ‘dream’ life…which is how personally I believe it should be- great organisation & planning……..BUT, then, what goes wrong? Coz there is nothing after that… there are dreams, there is a period of frustration with current life, then there is deep thinking (shit (please mind my not so harmless language)), and drawing out plans on paper or mind or smartphones or pads. Then? Nothing!

Causes (possibly):

Laziness – Yes? No?  Sorry but even if we don’t recognise it, most of us are lazy to start actually getting up at 6 am forget 5 am, do the daily workout, study something, meditate daily. All this is much difficult than writing it down in the notepad or on your mind. Because it involves physical work. Physical work that is not anywhere close to the pleasing couch dreams we have of a successful life ahead. There is no solution other than to get your actual ass actually up! And yes meditation-prayer. Which, hmm, is again the same thing!

Our dependence – on circumstances and people around us to push us or even make things happen. A quick help, in this case, would be to realise that they are secretly striving to get their dreams up & running, how much ever pretentious success they showcase. For the actually successful, they would not have time for you (some of them would rather they don’t help). The others who may not understand the concept of a purposeful life – for whom, living the present as the last day, you can probably think of your stand with them in terms of relationship and try & alter it. Coz accept it or not, people around you can be influencing factors to the way your flow-chart works out (the measures vary, that’s it! but it definitely affects our progress!)

Emotions – emotional constraints are always bound to be there. The purpose of our flow-charts should also be to better deal with these emotional hardships. The next day may or not be the same as before – full of positive setbacks and energies from around. That should not put a stop to your plan in action. It didn’t harm anyone other than you, your speed to reach your goal. If you are one of the persistent creatures you are always going to bounce back to the idea of your dream, then why delay it for those days of low energy someone else (or situations) presented you?

As of now, this is what I think as major reasons why things don’t happen.. I will follow up on more reasons and how to get those out of the way.. BUT before that, do you think there are ‘your reasons’ why things don’t happen for your how much ever you plan or wish? if yes, please share so I can grow on them & fixate on solutions. Peace!


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