What writing has done to me


Writing makes me accountable, makes me responsible.

It has been nearly 2-3 years since I had been thinking of starting a blog. Quite contrary to that mission, I had been running away from the notion that I may not be technically sound to do that – no, not the computer or the laptop but my writing. I first thought ‘tomorrow’. Then I thought ‘let me do a course’. I always had excuses. It cost me nothing but 3 years! Today I still haven’t done the course.     (By putting this out there I am not trying to make myself vulnerable to criticisms but only implying that I wish to connect to what most of us feel/ do commonly/ basically.)

Point- Start when you think you want to start NOT when you think the universe is ready for the perfect you! or your skill! You will only learn and improve along the way.

My desire to write was and is more urgent for my own than for others, if that may be. I believe that’s to stay. From childhood, there were remarks about me being too tough a critique and too far an unnecessary thinker. But today I see that only writing can hold me at peace, away from straying, timeless thoughts and yet accountable.

After every piece, I write I hold my reins when I face a  situation or person. My words echo to resound the question within me – how am I gonna react. It makes me dutiful to my words. As I love them. I mean them. I practice them.      Yes, I am a basic human and still, struggle with the reality and notion of a simpler life. But I embrace reality with more easiness now. And love. It is only through love that I can make my words come true. Yes, there is a lot of love to share. I will willingly share even when I face the sordid world. (I will be writing in my upcoming article on how I think that is even a possibility much ever difficult it sounds though)

Please know – If not writing there is something for everyone that is your own wave controlling your reins to fulfill the purpose for which you were created –                       Find IT/ Sharpen IT


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