Rain and its caress

The wooden frame old and worn

rain in courtyard

Of the bay window by the side

Of a subtle wet garden blooming

Of Calla Lilies white over rich green beds

And the red Ecuadorian roses alongside the off-white fences

Silently absorbed the truth of nature in


While it RAINED an hour back very quietly and

To now when it thundered with pleasure

Or so it gave me while I sipped my promising coffee.

Rain more than her composition – her music

Gives me the bumps in my mind, in my heart

It calms my racing nerves to soothing notes.


I smile out of sheer satisfaction

When sights I see of clouding clouds

And the promises of pitter patter rain, of Thunder, the least- poetic skylines.

The Thunder lullabies generously

Caresses me into unburdened sleep

Even if the comfort of my feathered billet Reckoned

I was only glad to be in my rocking Embroidered chair

While I gazed at calm nature to the lake Beyond shouldered by green falls

From my window, smiling at the joyous music Of rain

Falling asleep…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sijo Jose says:

    soothing lines…like it…rain, its romantic always even if its with thunder…:) 🙂 🙂


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