respect in self – at what levels?

Sometimes I feel it is not even in our hands – this self-respect. the gain and loss of it!

OR, is it just the mere hype of social networking that has overborne the significance.

Self-respect: Pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.

There are moments in lives when one may loose it. But please note:

  1. It isn’t lost forever. You can gain it back (depends on several aspects).
  2. Understand that your judgment of someones else self-respect may be heavily weighted (another relief could be, try wondering if you ever had it in the first place before you judge)
  3. There definitely are reasons behind every action; even this.
  4. Some can be absolutely meaningless- feel free to judge and kill the rat!

Many people go through several phases in life that are possibly attacked by materialistic or emotional constraints. They struggle-they fight. It may not be easy for many people to pass these phases with evil schemes and lies (unlike others). But they choose instead to let go of a little of their pride in oneself (please see def. above). This is not to live life easy but to not create further chaos for others & self. Be it materialistically or emotionally.

(I take the liberty to say, I am not talking about the few cases of people I have mentioned before in my pieces i.e. weak hearted, ‘not moving on’ types here..)

To things, circumstances, people who have hurt/ forced us to avoid them forever – for the game of self-respect certainly deserve hate. But remember we were not hated or prisoner of isolation for the many of actions we performed in many of those unknowing moments. But more importantly one needs to see why they did what they did – It is not coz of their need of – attention and adulterated love. It is because they have so much love to give in times of misfortune of loved ones, of hated ones. That fact that they have broken them don’t play prominence in these hours.

Some closures don’t end up being closures but remain as wants of being a real close. Some people, I wouldn’t say ‘many’ (I am losing count)  are too genuine to let go of memories that had at some point been a part of their days and nights. It may not continue as the same once a new chapter is open (e.g., old love is never the same. It has been overcome by new love {lets be realistic-lets be positive-time does heal/ old circumstances will always be lessons/ old friends will always kinder some fire but not same fire/ broken dreams may or may not be dreamt again) but the compassion never goes; or so mostly. Kindly see the stress of compassion here.                                                                                                                     Compassion: Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. It is only great hearts that can feel this and compromise it for their own self-respect.

The focus is on                                                                                                                                                      But you have to be a great heart and MIND as well – To deal with the consequences of losing self-respect interim. You know why it happened and what were reasons behind it. As long as you justify it, spiritually and your own self, you may be in foranimal-17317_960_720 a long fight with the ‘so-called righteous’ around you WHO have never indulged in cheating, lying, scheming and its likes.  Your mind should work the mathematics of ignoring or taking in what you only need.

Be at peace.. what goes around comes around. You can gain what you have lost  Σ  Having too much love is not a crime. You will only win at the end  Σ

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