Being what you want

There is a real meaning in this than being just a fancy (or not so fancy) sentence.

ie; ‘Being’ what you actually want. Have you thought what you actually want or do all those thoughts of yours get weighted by what people around you want ( a boarder spectrum is the ‘world’)

Your choice career -your choice of partner-choice of lifestyle- or your choice anything.

Do they get biased depending on what you hear see or experience?

If it does, what is wrong in that?

____The whole purpose of the world becoming a smaller place with the help of technology and the rest of the paraphernalia is this. We know more than we could have known.                      That assist in broadening our viewpoint (from being conservative and suppressed) and narrowing the rage of our hormones (from being egoistic to be more humble). This happens when we hear of how good or crazy the world is, the outcome of several actions and decisions.


How much of this awareness change us into a hypocritic self is probably a good question one could ask oneself. Well if you have time for the same i.e.                                                           How much it forces us to take further steps away from genuineness in which we grew up. The fancy world and its fancy people have definitely worked their way up (at least most of them) and they deserved to be looked up to and maintained as motivational resources but not to the point you happily forget who you are and convince yourself to bring out an evil side that never existed.

Evil – not necessarily just murderers, but when you even wish an evil to befall someone else (maybe your heart will even do it secretly without telling you) or when you purposely overlook the pain you cause others to grow onto your vain wants (or for that matter your childhood dreams) is evil. Is Sad. This is because of what the world wants out of us.

How many times do we decide – what do I want out of the world? How can my wants and dreams of the better be put out there? It definitely will be a laugh to many but that’s exactly the point – Do you care for the mockery of the hypocrites? If you do, your want was already corrupted.  You could re-think.

If you do not. Congrats. You are in the “rare” casecropped-image-paraphernelia1.jpg.

Keep pushing to stay as the rare humans (the few left on the earth) and start with making your own life a better one to live in.


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