A Closure; then another Closure

Somethings keep lingering. Against the wish of our mind.

But inclining to the secret wishes of your heart. Or may I put it this way – secret anchors inside your heart. These anchors pull down every logic and strength your mind produces. We cannot then stay from the very things that reverse our process of progress. Be it for career, life, peace – every single one of it!

There are several reasons for it. I wish to choose Closure today.

What is a ‘Closure’? –

Oxford gives the last (3.1) definition as such – “A feeling that an emotional or traumatic experience has been resolved:”

Advanced Learners Oxford gives – “the feeling that a difficult or an unpleasant experience has come to an end or been dealt with in an acceptable way”


That is what I am talking about. Every situation is going to carry elements – people, materials, time, or any factor that may not be in our control.

It does not matter how ever genuine you have been in your actions to resolve matters the factors will behave in a manner convenient to them (people, time, materials..). How do you then go ahead with the resolution? Accepting the above. Simple.

Let’s talk about how simple it is. Acceptance is a huge thing. A HUGE THING. It can almost be compared to ‘rays of lights’ & its’ poetic likes. Accepting gives hope for the next. Unpleasant experience coming to end or having been dealt in an UNACCEPTABLE WAY is DEADLY. It eats you away to nothingness!

How can you accept when it has touched you inside?                                                      Answer: Ask yourself, “has this person or thing or time understood how unpleasant it is to be in this situation.” “how much contribution either of the parties has to this situation” “despite your efforts has anything changed” ” despite your trueness, has the lie stopped”

“NO” “has any of above been even recognised”

“NO” It was not convenient for them. Then why do you want to cause inconvenience to them? IMPORTANTLY why cause inconvenience for your OWN SELF.

Strong People: They deduct this logic and create a Closure. ‘Chapter Over’ – ‘Next Chapter’       (It in no way means that these are lesser emotional beings. They in fact are the more emotional ones as they try their best for their emotions to be overridden by stronger actions and hence forget they ever possessed them & made them weak.)

Soft Hearts: They take a long time to bring this logic of mind to heart and create a Chapter of Closure. Days maybe months. Or it won’t ever. Help yourself and become strong. Else this will kill your lovely beings OR as I mentioned in one of the pieces I wrote before – You will only be plotting on!

Careers< Relationships<Depressions<Anything that has been created or fallen prey to lack of wisdom<love<genuineness needs Closure.

I went through 2 closures recently 🙂 They were only answers.

People”” who don’t even open chapters and are always on testing mode look at us say, “Closure? Fools”



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