Lost to be Killed – Synopsis


woman by window.jpgShe wakes up one day to find not just the warm rays flowing in through wide window panes – but she doesn’t know who she is and why she doesn’t know that.

Minutes later, in her dizziness to shake back memory into her, few people are bustling around the house, going about as casual as ever; stunned later to realize she doesn’t recognize them- not even herself.

She accepts what’s been told her of her life of who she is because it looks as though it is meant to be.

Besides the pain of having lost memory, of unknown reasons, there is a quiet sense of fear because something does not just seem right.

As time unfolds the inevitable, she sees the truth of all those people around her-her family-her friends-her peers-her banker-her doctor-her grocery-laundry-ALMOST an entire town. The truth that It’s just a story.

A story woven to crush her existence without killing her!

What is the brutal life that awaits her when she manages to bring back her lost self?!

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