I Saw & Smiled at the Pain

When writing the last article – I felt good. But to put my good feelings to test, I was made to go through some bad moments the last couple of days. How did I react?

My next couple of hours went in immersed confusion and sadness and anger and hurt. But even in between tears, I asked me – why is this happening? what made it happen?

CameraI realized I had prayed about something and the answer had come this way.    Yes, there is pain in a lot of the answers but ‘duh’! You were HEARD!! and if you open your heart to the receiving end of wisdom you’d realize how everything happens the way it happens to fit into the master plan. Sometimes the occurrences seem absolutely hard to believe and out of any reason, but then if they have happened, accept it. Then let it go. But you should not stop. (Couple of hours on the couch with running nose could be just about the way you should have it; or, your version, ice cream?) BUT Stopping your life is just the satisfaction you could feed the negativity lurking around the corner.

Don’t move on! with vengeance! That is not moving on; It is plotting on!

How much ever you feel ‘unfair’, understand this was meant to be, because an extra piece on the puzzle board will never let anyone win.

Beware: There is one danger when something goes wrong OR so some assume. “Everything else goes wrong as well. You feel all of it comes together. How can it happen every time?” Trust me! The Universe doesn’t conspire against you. hah.. It has been given a better job of sustaining life in it. Your mind conspires against you. So your mind needs to tell your mind to slow down and stop being pitied.

The minute you think this was just one of those passing phases in life – you had your share of cry, you learnt from it, and you also understand what others go through, in similar stories – and how could you NOT be a part of giving pain to others, results in – actually moving on.

My productive version is – this that I’ve written.

I am now smiling gladly at the pain, I once had.


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