Why so much hype about negativity?

How would you cope up with negativity – intense or a teaser – that comes your way OR persistently exists around you?

Take a moment to think but first this – Do you ever or never emit negativity yourself for circumstances or people around you?

Some ‘rare’ of you don’t. And it is a brave and wonderful thing you do. And those you”” may not infer anything from reading this bit further. I don’t know.

But for the rest ‘most’ of you-you do! Knowingly, unknowingly. It is because there is so much lacking inside you (your mind-heart-soul, I mean). How much ever you feel you are covered with all the goodies of life on you the genuine answer is – lacking

…Of the purest forms of love and peace and understanding. Instead, these are displaced with arrays of fearful and violent emotions – like that of a race, constant warlike urges, the peril of the before mentioned and so on.

These ranting’s take away “CALM”.

Serenity helps keep away rage. No rage-No race-No negativity. You have the peace to override the negativity and to focus on the grateful bits of life.

Maturity: is when you see the pessimist, their actions and choose to plainly ignore it. Is when you decide you don’t need it and try not to absorb it. But

Maturity: is also when you understand that such actions are not a result of people not liking you. It possibly could not be entirely coz of you. They don’t know you enough to not like you. But because they are basic humans too (not like the ‘rare’ ones above). Like you. Humans with tendencies of inborn sin – greed, ego, ungratefulness…(a never-ending list). They cannot help but be disappointed when other lives get better than their own lives; cannot help be glad when other lives are coming down a notch lower from theirs. Tendency: my life is better. I deserve better.

Maturity: is when everyone’s lives matter. First yours- true (or realistically put.{excluding the ‘rare’ ones from above}). Be happy with your life and be happy with others lives. Be grateful for them all.

Maturity: is also when, one is bogged down with negativity, they continue to do what they had planned to do anyways. Stepping back does not affect anyone but you. None else but you let the pessimist win. And fail yourself. Your actions-your goals-your mission-your sanity.

It is not easier said than done nor done than said! For people who walk the talk.

I have been there and done that. Over the years I have understood it could not possibly be the “people”. It is the race inside them that gives birth to the negativity. The lack of calm and fight against rage.

Rage: It arises because of our need to win. Win at superficial or basic things.

Some need to win the basic right to live a normal life. Some need to win to be more popular than other. Some to win to be better than others. Some to be richer. Some to just survive.

Truth in relations-in love exists much less now coz of the need to win from those very relations. When you weigh – my love for them OR my win over them —- Let’s face it – we always choose the latter; Human tendency.

If you decide to take care of your own self before discussing on forums how negative people and the world is – by recognizing the graceful Love given to you – by loving yourself freely and keeping rage at bay – by accepting your lack of genuineness and brimming ego – by developing a lovely sportsman-spirit – by actually having the want to help, to care, to let others smile over their win – by being a part of others Win’s….

If you decide to – you’d realize that foreboding negativity will only promote it but avoiding it leads to possibilities of Peaceful Sanity AND you’d be partaker to that!

Maturity: For a life that is personal to you – understand every negative action you receive has an action of despair behind it. Every positive morsel you can grab, be grateful about it. We may not able to help every despaired heart as we have our own worries for the day.

Maturity: So, is how much we continue behaving/treating/loving them, as we have intended to; before we experienced their change in behavior/treatment/love.


PS: Matured and Positive people have as much as fun as immature ones, if not more. They just make things easier and nicer and the world still a hopeful habitation.teacup-2325722__340


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