Benefit of doubt

Have you ever given yourself a benefit of doubt? I have. When I am quite doubtful of my very own realistic situations that just passed by. When I doubt the happiness or the sadness in outcome of those events were actually superficial and the long-lasting results of such events would be otherwise. When I feel…


My happy place is where I get invited to write!


If you didn’t know, you can actually pick the race you want to run!

Last vacay in kochi was…

one of the best till date! this time yes I did meet with my dear  family and friends as usual, explored new outlets, felt the hidden pride of seeing my hometown bettering itself, (even though I missed the rain this time) BUT these were not the reasons why it was the best home time among…

what goes around comes around

When we do something or don’t, when we get loud or stay silent, when we put up any quotes or not, when we react in a particular way or not at all, think! Think twice, thrice or as many times as needed –  if you are throwing it out there, or aimlessly at your own…

Word #justrealized

I think a lot about writing but I don’t write a lot about my thinking! A moment of silence for the self-pity I feel now. (* eyes rolling)  


I am in love with the idea of loving. Just loving. Not words or actions that pamper. Just loving that goes by unnoticed. Just a soul that rocks love to contented sleep.  


Neither feminism nor chauvinism is acceptable when it is about promoting one at the cost of suppressing the other. Nor it is about achieving anything without working hard for it. But yes, it is about equal rights & opportunities and mutual respect yet a certain amount of chivalry from men just the way a woman…


Humans are not born with prejudices. Prejudices have been created by those who always want something out of it.  It is up to you to decide whether to give in or not.


We as the latest generation is very obsessed. With almost everything. We don’t know what’s balance. We don’t know reality. Worst of all is our obsession; with our selves.

Yesterday’s Eternity

Moon line on the sea, waving sailing poles the subtle sound of bells and their souls As I sat lazily on the couch with lamps above swaying to the breeze while my thoughts were playing.   why does one have the urge to take one’s soul and run? from this soulless world’s aging pun? why is…